Bill Whittle: ‘Sir, I Will Not Obey that Order’ | Truth Revolt

There’s more and more evidence all the time, that Obama (I refuse to call him president he doesn’t deserve that honor) is preparing the Military, to use it against the American citizens.


Bill Whittle: ‘Sir, I Will Not Obey that Order’ | Truth Revolt.


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I was borne in 1945. I'm married to a wonderful lady named Jeannine. We have a son,Christopher, who is 14. We have two Boxers, Hans and Gretchen. We also have three cats. We live in the Endless Mountains region of Pennsylvania, in an 1860's farm house. We've spent quite a bit of time traveling, in our RV. We currently have a 1997 Southwind Storm motorhome. Two of our favorite destinations are Cape May, N.J. amd the Smokey Mountains. We are dedicated Christians. We believe that the Holy Bible is God's word, and that Jesus Christ was the virgin-borne Son of the living and true God. We further believe, that Jesus died on the cross, was buried , and rose from the dead, on the third day. We further believe, that trusting in him saves us from hell, and gives us eternal life. Our favorite music is Southern Gospel. We spend our Saturday evenings listening to the Homecoming videos, which are produced by Bill and Gloria Gaither.
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